What You Will Learn in a Craft Inc Class:


-History of cocktails and where they originated from

-Proper tools required to make cocktails

-Correct mixing techniques and when to use them

-Bitters and why we use them

-Liquors and tasting

-Sprits from A-Z.  Every class focuses on something different!  Find your favorite!

-How to create a great and affordable Home Bar.


what you walk away with

-Laminated sheets with Recipes on the cocktails you made and studied

-3-4 cocktails that you made yourself.  (Smaller pours so you are not toasted :)

-Tasting of all the spirits and liquors we used

-Swag bag of goodies

-An amazing experience with a community who want to learn and have fun just like you! 


Tickets range anywhere from $35-55 per person depending on what is being taught.  Compare that to a night out at the bars or clubs and you saved money!