“Life is short, your cocktail should be phenomenal.”

-Montana Horsfall

Craft Inc.’s Passion:

To teach the fine art of craft-cocktailing in a manner that inspires each student to have the same passion as we do for cocktailing. Whether you are a cocktail enthusiast looking to expand your repertoire of knowledge or a bartender looking to further your career and refine your skills, or a novice enthusiast looking for a great experience.   Craft Inc. is here to help you learn. Through hands on training from our experienced, award winning bartender you will taste bitters, liqueurs, spirits, and gain the knowledge needed to make a fantastic cocktail! 

How to learn:

-Attend a class hosted by Craft Inc. 

From Whiskey Wisdom Wednesdays at Urban Steam, classes at Downtown Fine Wine and Spirits, to hosting and collaborating with Coal train liquors, and even 3 Hundred Days of Shine; Craft Inc has you covered with classes at least once a month.  Follow Craft Inc. on our social media and grab your tickets before they all sell out! 

-Host your own class or event. 

If you need a venue or have one of your own; Craft is here to help you host the perfect private event!  Montana Horsfall is double TIPS certified by the State of Colorado, Bar Smarts Certified, and aware of all laws and licensures needed to host the perfect party for your holiday or special event.  Call for a consultation!

-Bar Consultation

Need a menu but not sure what the trends are and what is needed for your budget?  Craft Inc has the finger on the pulse of the Colorado bar scene and can help develop your establishments menu designed special to your needs, and train your bartenders in a fun and relaxed environment!   

-Private Apprenticeship. 

Bartending is a highly sought after career that is extremely competitive, and growing.  How do you know if this is the career for you?  Drop a lot of money into bartending college?  Start from the bottom and slowly work your way up?  How is a person to know what to do?  Montana Horsfall has been helping cooks, bartenders, distillers, and service industry find the right fit, the right position, and has helped train those who are hungry to learn….without breaking your bank on a bartending college.  With hands on experience, Craft Inc can help.  Call for a consultation!    

“Alcohol may be man’s worst enemy, but the Bible says love your enemy.”
— Frank Sinatra