Every cocktailer had to start somewhere, make your start here.


Our Mission

To teach the fine art of craft-cocktailing in a manner that inspires each student to have the same passion as we do for cocktailing. Whether you are a cocktail enthusiast looking to expand your repertoire of knowledge or a bartender looking to further your career and refine your skills, Craft Inc. is here to help you learn. Through hands on training from our experienced mixologists and tastings of bitter, liqueurs, and liquors you will gain the knowledge needed to become a fantastic cocktailer.  At the end of each course every student will be given time to craft their own unique and personal cocktail. 

Too much of anything is bad, but to much good whiskey is barely enough.
— Mark Twain

What you will learn

  • History of cocktails and cocktailing
  • Proper tools required to make craft cocktails.
  • Correct mixing techniques and when to use them. 
  • Understanding of different bitters and why they are important.
  • The fundamental rules of making a cocktail. 
  • Flavors and characteristics of different liquors - through hands on tasting. 
  • How to properly use liqueurs in cocktails - along with sample tasting of each liqueur.